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Read It, Scene It: The Borrowers vs. The Secret World of Arrietty


Think about the most beloved books of your childhood. I bet there’s at least one series on your list. Little House on the Prairie? Boxcar Children? Hank the Cowdog? Harry Potter, for you… Continue reading

Read It, Scene It: Warm Bodies


When I saw Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion available on NetGalley in expectation of the movie, I thought, Hm, zombies…and romance. I can totally parlay this into a date night. My boyfriend loves… Continue reading

Read It, Scene It: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien vs The Hobbit by Peter Jackson, Part 1


You know those super annoying people who obsess over the differences between books and movies? The ones who say, “Of course, I read the book first, back before there was supposed to be… Continue reading