Monthly Archive: October, 2013

The Horror, The Horror!


Halloween approacheth! The handsome fella and I have geared up for it by observing his usual “scary movies only” October philosophy, or “Spooktober Spookacular” as I, and only I, call it. If you… Continue reading

Review: Seven Deadlies by Gigi Levangie


Gigi Levangie, best known for her novel The Starter Wife, has gone way off the chick lit reservation with her latest novel. Here’s my take on her upcoming Seven Deadlies. Seven Deadlies by… Continue reading

Review: Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi OR Things to Never Say to a Librarian. EVER.


Normally I wind up getting annoyed at authors who write about librarians. The shushing, the snootiness… It makes me wonder if these authors have ever MET a librarian. Newsflash: We are people, not… Continue reading