Interactivity Time!

You might have noticed my posts have slacked off considerably this month. I’m still reading (and constantly, too), but the books I’m reading are not out until March or later. In some cases, a review is just sitting in my post list, waiting for its scheduled date to come so it can post itself. You see, publishers don’t like it if you run a review too far in advance of a book’s publication.

So what the heck should I talk about? I guess I could tell you dog stories, of which I have many. I could ask you to tell me the best way to convince my boyfriend that a third dog is an excellent idea, which it is, only he understandably has his reservations. I could pick some random thing to talk about. I could review a book that’s (gasp) already published. I could tell you about what it’s like to be a reviewer for Shelf Awareness.


I could create my first ever POLL!

And ask you all what you want to see!


Best idea ever. Let’s see if I can figure out how to do this.

Okay, hopefully that worked.

Choose as many options as you like. The poll is open for one week. So get out there and vote! Or whatever!