12/12/12 Reading Challenge

12-12-12 Challenge LogoIndie bookstore Village Books of Bellingham, WA has a fantastic idea for those of us who want to read more but don’t have the time or speed to power through book after book: take their 12/12/12 challenge. Just read one book a month all year. By January of 2013, you will have read 12 books! For more details or to participate in the challenge through Village Books, visit their website (linked way back in the first sentence of this post). If you’re not in Washington, don’t worry. You can participate through Facebook or Twitter, and if you like, you can even buy books or ebooks from Village Books online. (By the way, Infinite Reads is in no way affiliated with Village Books. We just really love their idea.)

I know so many people who say, “I should read more, but I read so slowly!” So what? No one is standing over your shoulder with a stopwatch judging you, and if they are, make sure you aren’t at track practice instead of in your comfy chair. Reading isn’t a competition. Quality is much more important than quantity just as enjoyment is more important than speed.

The Infinite Writers have gotten together and decided to create a few book lists in case anyone wants to take the challenge but doesn’t know where to start. To set you up for success, books selected will fit these page count guidelines:

  • No classics over 250 pages.
  • No fiction over 400 pages.
  • No nonfiction over 300 pages.
  • No high-falutin’ post-modernist or extremely florid works over 200 pages….but really, we probably won’t list many of those anyway.
  • Children’s books, young adult novels, and graphic novels are not subject to page count restrictions, because they are usually in huge print and make light reading.

Each list will have a unifying theme of some sort. Books might come from the same genre, be about the same topic, or share a common element such as humor or a lyrical writing style. Feel free to follow our lists, share them, make your own suggestions in the comments (but you MUST abide by the page count limits or all is lost! LOST!), or play pick n’ mix between lists.

We’ll choose books we have read and enjoyed as well as highly recommended and popular titles.

Check back with us often, as we’ll be posting lists until the end of January, and share your reading plans with us!

***Logo image is owned by Village Books and used here with their permission.***